the power of muzik

Using music as a tool to empower and inspire young people.

Using music and the voice as a tool for education, confidence building, and overcoming life’s struggles is something CeCe has been passionate about for a long time, and for the last two years she has visited schools up and down the country with the Power Of Muzik project. The Power of Muzik is a new music therapy initiative which she set out to tackle issues such as bullying and mental health, and has received amazing reactions across the board.

Empowering and inspiring young people going through hard times, The Power of Muzik uses music therapy techniques and powerful messaging within their music to educate. The Power Of Muzik has worked with numerous celebrity ambassadors, including Diana Vickers, The Cutkelvins, Mo Jamil, Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu, and have visited and spread their message to over 20,000 students at schools across the UK.

The Power Of Muzik is also a musical collective, with singers spreading the message of empowerment through their songs. The group have embarked on multiple nationwide tours throughout 2018, including being the support act for Steps, opening the show at Brighton Pride and being part of Fusion Festival.

The Power Of Music – If You Can Speak,  You Can Sing book is out now. A book covering vocal technique, exercises, inspirational stories and the inherent power of the voice and music in many different areas. The book will be interactive and practical, and is aimed at secondary school students, parents, teachers, beginners and intermediate singers. It will work alongside slick, entertaining online content and is designed for everyday use in schools and at home. There are numerous celebrity ambassadors appearing in the online video content, including Diana Vickers, The Cutkelvins, Mo Jamil, and Ben Ofoedu. You can buy If You Can Speak, You Can Sing from this link.

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